Published On: Tue, Jan 13th, 2015

SA load shedding chances moderate



JOHANNESBURG – ESKOM, the South African power utility, hinted at more load shedding to address high demand for energy.

According to the company, the power system is expected to be extremely constrained this week, as even more businesses reopen, workers return to work and scholars are back at school from the December holidays.

“The demand for electricity is therefore expected to increase with moderate risk of load shedding,” the company said in an update.

Eskom thus called on all South Africans to pull together over the next few months and use electricity sparingly by “Living Lightly” this summer.

“Less is more this summer and homeowners and businesses can do so with just four steps: first, switching off geysers and pool pumps; second, switching off non-essential lights; third, efficient use of air-conditioners by keeping the room temperature at 23⁰C; and finally, responding to the alerts on TV each evening.”

Eskom said it continued to make progress with its programme of planned maintenance but the system remained tight.

It urged all South Africans to partner with it to save 10 percent of their electricity usage throughout the day.

“This will make it significantly easier to manage the power system during this challenging time, while also enabling us to do planned maintenance to ensure the reliability of our plant.”

– CAJ News






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