Ghana, Brand SA in partnershi to boost African investment

Brand SA

Brand SA

ACCRA – BRAND Ghana, an image branding institution, has formed a partnership with Brand South Africa to boost the continent’s image and attract more investors.

Through this partnership, Ghana and South Africa seek to collaborate in
the area of governance, value systems, trade as well as competitiveness
while learning from each other.

Senior officials said a conceptualization and delivery approach will be
used where the media will play a key role to set the agenda in nation
changing and building.

To this end, Brand Ghana has met editors from the various media houses
across the country to engage them in rebranding the nation.

Dr Petrus de Kock, Research Manager of Brand South Africa, welcomed the partnership.

“This effort between Brand SA and Ghana is very crucial. Regardless of who we are as a people, we must strive for better,” he said.

Ghana and South Africa’s history and friendship diplomacy spanks several
decades and can be traced indeed from pre-colonial through to the struggle
for independence and apartheid.

Brand Ghana was set up in 2009.

– CAJ News




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