SAP revenue innovations adoption drives growth in Africa

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JOHANNESBURG – SYSTEMS Applications Products (SAP), the global market leader in enterprise application software, said it had doubled its growth in Africa for many years following its successes build on enterprise resource planning (ERP).

Hannes Venter, Industry Value Engineer for Public Services at SAP Africa, said the revenue management solutions have been well received by markets in the English and French-speaking African countries.

“SAP has had double-digit growth for many years in Africa with focus on enterprise resource planning. As industries evolve and customers stabilise their enterprise resource planning implementations, the need for a more industry specific technology solution manifests itself,” Venter said.

He said the SAP Revenue Management solution had been highly accepted especially in South Africa with some of the major cities running the SAP Billing for utilities solution and some media houses running SAP Billing Revenue & Innovations Management for service base billing.

He cited the huge uptake of SAP application solutions in Southern African Development Community (SADC), especially Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe .

He said following the reception in English and French-speaking Africa, SAP has seen some significant interest from Portuguese-speaking Africa countries also in the process of implementing SAP Billing for Utilities.

“When we look at North Africa, the SAP revenue management solution, Billing for Utilities has been well received in Morocco.

“We are also seeing significant interest from East and West Africa, especially in Nigeria where the majority of utilities assets have been privatised,” Venter added.

He said the SAP Revenue Management technology solutions were unique in that the majority of them were based on SAP Financial Contract Accounting (FICA).

“This platform allows the easy integration of industry specific functionalities, making it very relevant for specific industry requirements. In addition, the platform is fully integrated with SAP Enterprise Resource

“Planning allowing customers to automate their processes and reduce time-consuming reconciliations such as reconciliation between the sub ledger and general ledger,” Venter said.

– CAJ News


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