SA domestic airfares seen lowering

Skywise Airline

Skywise Airline

JOHANNESBURG – SKYWISE, South Africa’s low-cost airline, said it had influenced a drop in the airfares in domestic routes.

The company said a revelation had been experienced in the past few months that it had been on the market, specifically about low-cost air fares suddenly swamping the market, principally on the country’s most lucrative Johannesburg – Cape Town route.

Officials said indisputably, there has never been a rush to reduce fares in the South African domestic market like now.

“There is no doubt that Skywise is making its presence felt on the market as well as influencing tangible change in the local market in its formative years.

“It is rewarding for Skywise to enjoy competition while influencing change in the way the South African airline industry prices their fares.

“This trend has consumers, rather than the airlines, being outright winners in the end!” says Tabassum Qadir and J. Malik, Skywise Co-Chairpersons.

Though the domestic airline sector enjoys the presence of a number of players, all of them worth their investment, and doing all they can to offer bankable and affordable service, it is Skywise that has really made them to run around of late to get their pricing act together, said the company in a statement.

“For Skywise, low prices are always great both for us and the citizens, and in line with our saying “For us people come first”.

“We want ALL South Africans to take up to the skies in huge numbers. Broadly, this means accessibility to air travel by those who have been previously disadvantaged, largely constituted by the un-flown market, usually concentrated in the townships.”

– CAJ News

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