Published On: Tue, Apr 14th, 2015

Zimbabwe reports lack of money to fight hunger

Flag of Zimbabwe

Flag of Zimbabwe

MASVINGO, (APA) – ZIMBABWEAN authorities have no money to tackle hunger and starvation which have tightened their grip in the southern African country this year due to poor and unreliable rainfall, a government official has said

Shuvai Mahofa, Masvingo Provincial Affairs Minister conceded the cash-strapped government faced daunting task shielding millions from starvation.

“We have no money to deal with hunger and therefore we are appealing to the corporate world to joins hands with us so that we avoid starvation,” said Mahofa.

“As it stands the government has no money to feed everyone and the situation is critical. We are again inviting friendly countries in Africa and beyond to come to our rescue,” she said.

Aid agencies have reported that the country’s entire 13 million people need food assistance with the situation reportedly critical in rural areas where some families did not plant any crops due to unreliable rainfall this year.

In Chiredzi and Mwenezi Districts, in the southern parts of the country, some families were reportedly going for days without having decent meals while others have resorted to begging.

“We have no food at all and we are appealing to government to come to our rescue because as it stands, several families are starving,” said Golden Machayo, a villager from Chiredzi.

Zimbabwe, once hailed as the continent’s breadbasket, is battling to recover from a decade-long economic recession which saw inflation rising to over 230 million percent in the year 2008.

However lack of foreign investment has caused the country’s economy to shrink with several companies closing each day.

The government has a huge wage bill which consumes over 90 percent of total revenue collected by the state.

In an effort to limit the ballooning wage bill the government said it will retrench hundreds of workers this year .

In addition Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has already announced that the entire civil service will not get annual bonuses for the next two years.

While President Robert Mugabe 91, has blamed the current economic woes on economic sanctions imposed on Harare by the West, civic groups and
opposition political parties have blamed the octogenarian of running down the country’s economy due to poor economic policies.





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