Published On: Mon, Oct 26th, 2015

Eskom: No load shedding for six weeks

Eskom electricity power lines

Eskom electricity power lines

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – ESKOM, South Africa’s power utility, announced it had entered six weeks without load shedding.

The positive development is attributed to current stability as a result of massive maintenance programmes.

The company confirmed that it did not experience any power outages this
past weekend, a positive development which spilled to the new week.

“No load shedding has been implemented for the past 40 consecutive days.
Eskom continues to make progress with its programme of planned maintenance but the system remains tight,” the company said on Monday.

“We urge all South Africans to partner with us to save 10 percent of their electricity usage throughout the day. Eskom will continue to provide regular updates on the state of the power system through various media platforms,” Eskom added in a statement.

The power utility suggested energy saving tips that could see 10 percent
of electricity saved without spending.

Eskom suggested that both commercial and residential clients turn down the thermostat of their electrical element geysers to 60°C in order to avoid using hot water for tasks residents could accomplish with cold water – such as rinsing dishes and vegetables.

Among other proposals aimed at saving energy comprise unnecessary opening of fridge freezers, placement of the fridge somewhere cool – away from sun-facing walls and windows, and as far as possible from the stove and encouraging defrosting of the chest freezer twice a year.

Upright freezers should be defrosted three times a year.

Eskom also proposed that residents always switch off lights in unoccupied rooms while appliances not in use must be unplugged.

Television sets and music players must not be left on standby.

However the power utility thanked residents and industry for their
patience during the load shedding period.

“They kept supporting Eskom’s initiatives through wisely using electricity sparingly throughout the day,” Eskom stated.

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