Published On: Mon, Dec 28th, 2015

Agri SA monitors trade protocols with the US

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PoultrylJOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – AGRI South Africa said it would examine and study the results and impact of the recent protocols the United States and South Africa would sign regarding certain agricultural goods under the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA).

Johannes Moller, the President of Agri SA, said it was especially important that they understood the details of the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) requirements of the protocols and its impact on the  agriculture industry in South Africa.

“The exploration of opportunities in both economies remains essential in the sustainable development of economies,” said Moller.

He said Agri SA, the agricultural industry association, would be keen to engage on the terms of the agreement, to analyse the impact on South Africa’s agricultural sector.

“We will monitor and analyse the results and impact of the concessions to ensure we protect our industry and develop the sector to its full potential,” Moller added.

Omri van Zyl, Agri SA Executive Director, Omri van Zyl, argued the trade agreements based on concessions should make economic sense for both parties.

“With the conclusion of protocols we must be mindful of both SPS concessions and economic realities of both economies,” van Zyl said.

Agri SA sentiments follow ministers from South Africa and the US assessing progress made since US President Barack Obama last month issued a notice regarding the withdrawal of duty-free treatment for South Africa’s agricultural exports under the AGOA if South Africa did not resolve some US’ concerns.

Obama warned South Africa that if the negotiations on the issues related to the poultry were not resolved by December 31, the US would withdraw the duty-free privilege.

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