Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Kenya bank chases full turn-around

Chase Bank (IR) Youth Banking Manager Lonina Leteipan making his address at the Young Entrepreneurs Dinner (YED)

Chase Bank (IR) Youth Banking Manager Lonina Leteipan making his address at the Young Entrepreneurs Dinner (YED)

NAIROBI, (CAJ News) – CHASE Bank, which went into receivership last April, is optimistic of attaining full recovery in the near future partly by seeking new business from the youth and upstarts an official from the institution has said.

Youth Banking Manager, Lonina Leteipan, said that they would remain vibrant by supporting enterprise ideas by upcoming business entities as part of their recovery strategy.

“This year we, as the bank, have encountered some hurdles. However, this has not stopped us from striving to enable our customers to achieve what matters to them most.

“Youth banking has always been a core pillar for Chase Bank and therefore we are always keen to take part in initiatives that support the growth of young entrepreneurs as the youth are the future of this country,” said Leteipan.

Leteipan said that the bank was also exploring ways of engaging young businesses and individuals grow as part of their turnaround strategy.

“For 20 years now, Chase Bank has been at the epicenter of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, giving support to companies that have grown to become market leaders. We are constantly looking for ways to enable young businesses and individuals achieve what matters most to them,” added Leteipan.

He was speaking at the Young Entrepreneurs Dinner (YED) at KICC which Chase Bank co-sponsored.

YED is aimed at bringing together business leaders and young entrepreneurs from across the country with the purpose of mentorship and establishing an avenue through which they can partner and seek potential financiers for their businesses.

Leteipan said that said that the bank’s strength rests on four pillars; the staff, whose average age is 26, making them ideal for youthful customers and young businesses, innovation from which the bank has award winning customized solutions for the youth, partnerships and the relative young brand it is in the Kenyan banking industry.

Business mogul, Dr Chris Kirubi, and businessman, Darshan Chandaria, also addressed the gathering.

Kirubi said YED was an opportunity for our youth to progress.

“They deserve mentorship from more experienced individuals. It will influence and offer them a chance to identify and develop skills that will enable them to succeed as entrepreneurs.”

Chandaria said; “Someone who doubts your abilities doubts their own. Show them your true capabilities and inspire them.”

Kenya’s central bank in April placed Chase under receivership for 12 months to protect depositors, creditors and the public with the latter undergoing liquidity challenges.
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