Published On: Thu, May 18th, 2017

IT doyen Plattner allays fears machines will replace humans

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, (CAJ News) – THE advent of artificial intelligence (AI),the technology centred on the intelligence exhibited by machines, will not entirely eliminate jobs meant for humans, an executive in the information and communications technology sector has said.SAP Co-Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Prof Hasso Plattner,nonetheless projected some job losses in a number of sectors.He was speaking on Wednesday while addressing journalists in Orlando,Florida, United States where the multinational software corporation held its annual global event.“There are things machines can do better but design is pretty much a human task,” said Plattner.“Our human brain will not be made superfluous. We remain in control,” he assured.He mentioned though there were risks of job losses in many sectors as a result of this new unavoidable innovation but pointed out humans will always remain in control provided they also upgraded their skills in line with technology advancements.“AI solutions are not perfect but this boundary is moving and we are getting better every single week,” Plattner said of the phenomenal advent of AI.“We can do unbelievable things with AI and the system never gets tired,” Plattner added.In line with the evolution of AI, SAP has been leading synergies.“I think it is time now,” said Plattner.“Not all components that we use have to be acquired. For example, we could work together with Apple,” added Plattner.Although was no longer at the helm of the company which is spearheaded by global Chief Executive Officer, Bill McDermott, Plattner still plays an advisory role.Plattner (73) co-founded the company 45 years ago in Weinheim in the north west of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Germany“I am not running the company anymore, I can only make recommendations. I made the recommendation that we restart voice recognition in connection with these new applications and we find ourselves in a world where we have greater capacity,” Plattner said.At the event in the US, SAP presented its road map and new tools to help customers conquer the complex challenges that businesses faced in a world of ubiquitous data. Plattner said Machine Learning in SAP S/4HANA Cloud transformed companies to operate more intelligently and be automated.
– CAJ News

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