Published On: Thu, Aug 23rd, 2018

Startup creates new coding career path in African market

Team Pic 1JOHANNESBURG – HYPERION-DEV, the United Kingdom and South Africa-based startup famous for building the largest online coding bootcamp in Africa and scaling it internationally to 40 countries, has secured an unspecified amount of investment to drive its expansion.

With this fundraiser, it has rebranded as CoGrammar while retaining the name HyperionDev for its online coding bootcamp product. This product enables students to study online to change careers to software development in under six months.

The edtech startup – incubated by the London Co Investment Fund, University of Cambridge’s Social Ventures, and Edinburgh University’s Launch.edprogrammes – has disclosed that it received investment offers from four UK and United States-based venture capital funds in its last round of funding.

However, the final investors in this round have chosen to remain private.

This new influx of capital has enabled CoGrammar to scale to a team of 40 – growing its team to include top startup talent from the likes of GetSmarter, which was acquired by 2U for US$103 million – and launch a new product of Code Review as a service.

The round of funding comes after HyperionDev won first prize in Facebook’s Innovation Challenge, securing $230 000 in funding from Facebook in addition to several grants from Google and the Python Software Foundation.

The new stream of capital has also enabled a new code review service geared towards businesses and educational institutions.

“We are grateful for the support of our new backers which have allowed us to set our sights on tackling a more ambitious vision – setting the global standard for code review,” said Riaz Moola, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of HyperionDev.

CoGrammar enables education brands around the world to integrate on-demand mentorship and code review into their coding education programmes at an affordable cost, making effective software development education scalable.

From September, the startup will be accepting applications for its first cohort of CoGrammars.

“We make this possible through a new career path – copywriter for code – which we’ve created in the African market,” Moola said.

CoGrammar sources, trains and integrates expert code reviewers into coding bootcamp education programmes globally.

The education market has seen an annual growth rate of 90 percent since 2013. CoGrammar is poised to become the global engine for coding education and code review, supporting millions of aspiring developers in crossing the tech skills gap.

Amiya Sharma, Head of Mentorship, said CoGrammar had created a new full-time career of becoming an expert code reviewer.

She disclosed they would be launching an online train-and-recruit programme on September 10. The first batch of applications opens on the day to September 20. Selected applicants will go through training to
ensure they can review code at an industry-aligned standard for both students and businesses.

CoGrammar has integrated its code review technology and experts into some of the biggest providers of online coding education, such as HyperionDev, to reach thousands of aspiring developers around the world.

“We’re excited to welcome more code reviewers into our team to enhance our impact manifold,” Sharma said.
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