Published On: Tue, Dec 1st, 2015

Technology addresses Morocco water billing problems

water billCASABLANCA, (CAJ News) – MOROCCO’S national water and electricity company, ONEE Water, is poised to reap the rewards of adopting modern technology.

The utility made the move as a way to improve its manual capturing systems.

Mohamed Rhalloussi, Chief Information Officer, ONEE, said by using mobile functionality on-site with customers, the company would significantly  simplify and shorten their billing process.

“We project to achieve a 40 percent increase in meter-reading speed,  ultimately resulting in better customer service,” Rhalloussi said.

Although it has a large base of employees who travel to households and  businesses, capturing meter readings in spread-out locations, the company  continued to encounter the basic flaws of billing such as slow turnaround time and erroneous meter readings were impacting its earnings.

Once it identified billing reformation as a priority, ONEE sought out  technology solutions that would deliver what it needed, culminating in the  adoption of Prologa solution offering.

Prologa is a strategic Systems Applications Products (SAP) Software  partner, whose solutions have been rigorously tested and certified as SAP  Solution Extensions, which integrate seamlessly with SAP and extend SAP’s  offering.

ONEE were able to source the Prologa solutions directly from SAP, and,   importantly have SAP as their single point-of-contact for all customer  support throughout the SAP-Prologa deployment and productive use.

Prologa uses ISU, SAP’s industry specific utilities suite.

The coming on board of Prologa was an essential criteria for success,  given ONEE’s mission-critical, strategic mandate.

Founded in 2012 following the consolidation of the National Office of  Electricity and the National Office of Drinking Water, ONE is a major  player in the distribution of water and electricity in Morocco and has  more than 5 million customers in the country.

Pedro Guerreiro, Head of Energy and Natural Resources at SAP Africa said  ONEE was embracing technology in a forward-looking manner for the benefit  of citizens and in doing so, realising efficiencies.

He said SAP had received great interest in this solution and extremely  valuable feedback from our customers and partners, which is quite  encouraging.

“We are committed to continue developing more desirable features to enrich  this solution in SAP for Utilities. Smart and prepaid meters are fantastic  innovations, but don’t discount the human touch. All people need are the right tools in their hands,” said Guerreiro.

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