Published On: Mon, Apr 16th, 2018

Schneider projects digitalisation to fuel future innovation

Internet of Things (IoT) Awards

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – ACCESS to digital technology has emerged among the most critical energy trends reshaping the way the energy industry, among other key industries, does business.

While access to energy is regarded as the foundation of life, progress, and education, similarly, as the world continues to change, access to technology is seen as just a vital, where the ability to connect to people, and machines, has been intertwined with that foundation.

Jean-Pascal Tricoire, the Chief Executive Officer of Schneider Electric, while speaking at the Paris Innovation, highlighted access to digital technology as a critical trend alongside decarbonisation, and decentralisation.

The executive pointed out the Internet of Things and the digitisation of devices had provided new methods of delivering data, automation, and analytics to better manage energy and increase productivity and efficiency.

This new technology has provided an opportunity to optimise the entire generation-to-consumption value chain.

“Schneider Electric are proving themselves to be at the forefront of innovation in this regard,” Tricoire said.

Albert Fuchet, Schneider Electric Anglophone Africa Cluster President, said the company was the biggest supplier of digital infrastructure on a global scale, earning that position by providing customers with a guarantee of a full secure powertrain when it comes to their automation lines.

“At Schneider Electric South Africa, we speak electricity all the time. And for us, this enormous evolution of electricity we are experiencing is exciting; it has become a full revolution,” Fuchet said.

While the information technology sector has traditionally played a marginal role in global electricity consumption at just 10 percent, the demands of the sector are expected to double thanks to the emergence of big data and multiplying at a rapid rate.

“This energy guzzler will become the fastest growing energy consumer in the years to come,” Schneider Electric stated.
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