Published On: Thu, May 10th, 2018

SAP survey reveals governments can connect better to citizens


JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CITIZENS across the globe expect the same level of service provision from public organisations and are only willing to adopt new technologies if they see a clear benefit and their data is protected.

These are among the findings of a global citizen engagement poll by SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software.

The findings are based on data collected from over 500 respondents from 45 different countries in March.

“Smart citizens expect smart governments to know who they are and how best to connect with them consistently across channels, said Matthias Goehler, head of SAP Hybris industries.

“SAP provides a solution that allows government agencies to provide their citizens with convenient access to information and the means to engage with them so civic services are provided quickly and most efficiently.”

According to findings by SAP, citizens expect a retail-like experience when engaging with the public sector.

The survey found that there is an opportunity to increase value and in turn drive advocacy and adoption of online services if public organizations enhance the mobile user experience of civic services provided.
It also revealed that individuals want to be able to book any kind of civic service easily and in real time.

The global survey also found that citizens want up-to-date information that is accessible on any device.

While Generation Z is the most technologically savvy generation, the survey found a growing reluctance among this group to adopt new technologies unless the value is clear and data privacy is ensured. Compared to baby boomers, Generation X and millennials, Generation Z are the most cautious online users.

Generation Z is defined as people born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s.
– CAJ News

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